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Unlock Real-time Reports

My e maths provides real-time analytics for schools and parents which insights into each student’s usage, performance, achievements and coverage of national maths curriculum. Get a clear view of each student's strengths and weaknesses helps to support them when they need and reach their full potential.

Get started at right level with AI

My e maths has inbuilt Artificial Intelligence (AI) which continuously assess the learners skills and reshuffle the questions according to their skills. It helps learners to keep practising, boost their confidence and skills gradually.

Fun and Rewarding

Learning isn’t the only reward on my e maths. It's also about encouraging children to have fun and enjoy learning. The children love my e maths times tables videos and live maths challenge worldwide. By practising adaptive learning activities the children can achieve certificates, medals and star of the week award.

Monitor progress over time

Teachers and school leaders can view pupil’s progress over time and compare it with any previous time period. It also spots struggling students and the topics they need help for improvements.

Track school-wide usage and performance

My e maths provides real-time analytics of usage and performance of whole school, classes and learners. It empowers teachers to take an evidence based approach to targeting interventions and planning lessons.

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